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Head First EJB 3.0

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Posted Mar 05 2010 12:52 AM

Do you know if Head First EJB 3.0 will be published soon?
I appreciate HEAD FIRST and Sierra-Bates very much!!
Thank you.

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Posted Mar 05 2010 05:33 AM

Thanks for your interest and question. Kathy and Bert don't have time to update this book, as much as we'd love them to, and we've had a very hard time finding an author to replace them for what would amount to a complete rewrite for a new edition.

For now, we have a number of high-priority titles in the works that are moving forward, so, unfortunately, this update has been delayed indefinitely. We know that many learners are looking for it, though, so we'll continue to keep it on our radar. If we find the perfect author, we just might move ahead.

Thanks again for your question and for your kind words about the series, which we always love to hear.

Brian Sawyer
Editor, Head First