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Posted Apr 04 2010 03:02 PM

When I use liquify the crosshair is going outside the brush circle. It never did it before. It should move with the circle. How can I fix this?

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Posted Apr 06 2010 02:20 PM

The size of the crosshairs is a fixed part of the interface (around 13 pixels by our calculations) so its visual size is determined by your monitor resolution, and the size at which it displays will remain the same no matter how far you are zoomed in. The diameter of the brush is determined by your manual setting and it's going to appear relative to your image resolution and how far you are zoomed in. At some point where you are zoomed way in and/or you have a very small brush the apparent size of the brush is going to be smaller than the crosshairs and thus the crosshairs will extend outside the brush circle. If you increase or decrease the brush size by using the [ ad ] keys, you'll see that the crosshairs are remaining the same while the brush changes.

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