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Get to know the Flex AJAX Bridge

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Posted Apr 06 2010 02:51 PM

If you're used to building web apps using AJAX and would like to get your feet wet with Adobe Flex, you'll want to know about FABridge. This excerpt from Fain, Rasputnis, & Tartakovsky's Enterprise Development with Flex introduces you to the Flex AJAX Bridge.

For the applications that are written by teams of AJAX developers, there is another option for Javascript/ActionScript interaction. Flex SDK comes with a small library called Flex AJAX Bridge (FABridge).

Say you already have an AJAX application, but want to delegate some input/output (I/O) functionality to Flex or implement some components for the web page (media players, charts, and the like) in Flex or. FABridge allows your AJAX developers to continue coding in Javascript and call the API from within Flex components without the need to learn Flex programming.

With FABridge, you can register an event listener in Javascript that will react to the events that happening inside the .swf file. For instance, a user clicks the button inside a Flex portlet or some Flex remote call returns the data. Using FABridge may simplify getting notifications about such events (and data) form Flex components into existing AJAX portlets.

You can find a detailed description of how and when to use FABridge versus ExternalINterface at http://bit.ly/aNPx0o.

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