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How do I get XP Mode to run in VirtualBox or is there a better alternative

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Posted Sep 24 2013 03:18 AM

In CompTIA A+ Training Kit (for exams 801 and 802) on page xl, it says to install XP Mode in Windows Virtual PC and then install Windows Enterprise 7 32 bit free trial. Well that was a bust because I could only get Windows Enterprise 8, which is not supported in Virtual PC.

So I ditched that, and instead installed VirtualBox. Now I can't get XP Mode working. I can successfully install XP in VirtualBox, but IE keeps crashing, and Windows Update doesn't work.

I submitted this information to the errata page, and haven't heard back yet, but what I'd really like is advice on how to get this to work, or should I instead install VMWare, or should I instead install Hyper-V, as seems to be recommended when I do Google searches on this problem. :)

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