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How to Create a Blog Site and Manage Blog Posts in SharePoint 2010

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Posted Apr 17 2010 04:32 AM

SharePoint 2010 includes a full-feature blog site template that includes all the essential bells and whistles to enhance adhoc collaboration with your peers, share knowledge across company projects, or publish news and updates for an entire department.

Creating a Blog Site in SharePoint

A blog site is defined by how it presents content to the user--a series of blog posts in reverse chronological order (newest entries first). SharePoint blog sites also include information about the author, and the purpose of description of the site. Additional tools provided include the ability to filter posts by category or calendar month, bookmark or share a link to the post, and subscribe to the blog using any RSS reader client.

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Blog sites are created in SharePoint by creating a new site or site collection, and selecting the Blog site template. In many cases, creating a new Blog site may be something that you will request from the SharePoint administrator at your workplace. For organizations that are running the SharePoint Standard or Enterprise editions and have enabled Personal Sites, you will be able to create a Blog site associated with your Profile (also known as your “My Site”).

To create a blog site from your SharePoint profile, follow these steps:

  • From any SharePoint Site, click the Personal Navigation menu.
  • Click My Profile.
  • Click the Content tab.
  • Click the Create Blog link to create your personal blog site.

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A word of caution: If the Create Blog hyperlink is not displayed on the Content tab of your Profile page, your organization may not allow personal blogging sites. Check with your company SharePoint Administrator or Human Resources department for more information on the corporate policy related to blogging.

Managing Blog Posts in SharePoint

In the land of Blog, content is King! Creating blog posts allows you to promote your expertise, share information, and help your colleagues and co-workers keep up-to-date on your professional and personal activities. You can also edit blog posts you created previously to make changes or add updates to the original content.

Create a Blog Post

It's very easy:

  • Click Create a Post from the Blog Tools menu.
  • Enter values for your new post.
  • Save your blog post by doing any of the following:

  • Click the Publish command button to save the post as ready for public display. Once the publishing date has been reached, the post will automatically display on your site.
  • Click the Save as Draft command button to save your current edit – the post will not be displayed to site visitors until you publish the post at a later time.

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Publish a Blog Post previously saved as a Draft

To publish a blog post that you previously saved, follow these steps:

  • Click Manage Posts from the Blog Tools menu.
  • Check one or more posts whose Approval Status indicates Pending.
  • Select the Items tab from the List Tools ribbon menu.
  • Click Approve/Reject.
  • Select the Approved option from the popup dialog.
  • Click OK.

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(Excerpted from the forthcoming Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Plain & Simple by Chris Beckett)

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Posted Dec 18 2012 09:27 AM

Is it possible to restrict the users to submit posts but not restrict to post comments.
i.e. submit comments to a post but not submit posts. Permission to post to be based on specific rights