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when will Android support Chinese input as iPhone does?

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Posted May 20 2010 03:10 PM

My Droid only has two Language input type, English or Spanish. My friend's iPhone has at least dozens of Language input type, including Chinese and Chinese stroke input type. I searched Android web site, could not find the plan when it will support Chinese or other language input. Any help is appreciated.

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Posted Jun 02 2010 01:44 PM

Google released a preview of the Pinyin IME for Android in March 2009. That IME is available at http://android.git.k...s/PinyinIME.git

If you'd like more information regarding Google's Pinyin support in general, there is a helpful Wikipedia article that seems reasonably up-to-date: http://en.wikipedia....i/Google_Pinyin

Hope this helped! :)