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What impact will the "back to school" ipod touch promo have on the iOS ecology?

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Posted Jun 20 2010 12:05 PM

For the third year running, Apple's "back to school" program will be offering free iPod Touch computers to qualifying college students and education faculty. What impact has this massive influx of iPod Touch computers had on the iOS ecology:

  • How many iPod Touch computers were given away each year under this program?
  • Are students selling these handhelds, or are they using them in tandem with their laptop computers?
  • What impact do these machines have on the competitive advantage of the iOS? How much do they help Apple in their competition against Android and other OSs? How much of there is a "lock in" factor because a significant number of apps have been sold?
  • Are iOS developers creating apps that can shift/sync fluidly between the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad? Should Apple encourage developers to create a single "universal" version of their apps to help encourage "lock in" to the iOS platform?

While this program has clearly been effective, I haven't seen any business analysis of what the promotion has accomplished.

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Posted Feb 23 2013 09:06 AM

I like how Apple manages to find such ingenious ideas and put them into practice, the "back to school" program had a lot of success due to successfully implementation of new marketing strategies. My niece is currently making a masters degree, she won an iPod because of her good grades, she was happy about this but soon she lost interest about this gadget.