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Did you subscribe to a newspaper before you were 25?

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Posted Jun 21 2010 05:54 AM

NYT Columnist David Pogue Declares: "I Could Not Name You An Under-25 Year Old Who Subscribes to a Print Newspaper"

Despite the initially shocking quality of Pogue's declaration, I suspect that under-25 year old newspaper subscribers have always been rare. In defense of under-25 year olds, I have to note that even though I’ve been a lifelong newspaper addict, when I was under 25 I didn’t have a newspaper subscription either. Instead, I bought individual newspapers from vending machines, or (more often), simply frequented places like coffeeshops where everyone shared a few copies of newspapers that the store subscribed to. And I didn’t know anyone else of my age who subscribed to a newspaper either. So while Pogue’s comment may sound shocking, it’s not. It’s not even unusual. In fact, I’d be surprised if under-25 year olds have ever commonly subscribed to newspapers.

So...Did you subscribe to a newspaper before you were 25?

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Posted Jun 21 2010 06:32 AM

Back in my early 20s, I subscribed to the daily Boston Globe for about a year and a half. But that was before Wi-Fi and 3G were available, so I needed some way to pass the 2-hours of train commute time each day.

I went to journalism school and I've got a master's in it too, so I also felt an odd sense of obligation toward the newspaper industry. I have thankfully left that obligation behind.

The bigger question is: Would the early-20s version of me subscribe to a print newspaper now? And that's a big "no."

Mac Slocum
Online Managing Editor
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Posted Jun 21 2010 07:28 AM

I actually did subscribe to a newspaper when I was under 25. As a uni student the newspapers give you a great discount. I no longer personally subscribe since my work does.

I think that along with book reading if you come from a family of newspaper readers it is more "normal" to want to subscribe to a paper. But I might have just been the outlier to the norm.

There is still nothing better than having a coffee and reading the physical Sunday NYT even though I read it every day online.
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Posted Jun 21 2010 07:39 AM

Absolutely. For me, reading the newspaper has long served the same function as a cup of coffee--it helped ease me into the day. Since I began living on my own, I've always had a newspaper delivered to the house (I'm 35 now). That said, because of the ease of accessing news online, we might have canceled our subscription a few years back if my husband didn't work in the industry, and if I hadn't briefly been a staff writer for a community newspaper.