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How to identify a "dofollow" blog/site?

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Posted Jul 01 2010 12:25 AM

There are 200+ Webmaster Help videos on search engine optimization on YouTube featuring Matt Cutts, Google's most visible anti-spam engineer. Answering a question in one of the videos on whether having dofollow comments on a blog can negatively affect its reputation, he says it can. However, commenting on dofollow blogs/sites can have some value if the comment is not among a ton of comments as in that case the PageRank of the original site would get divided between all the commentators.

So what is a "dofollow" blog/site & how can you identify one?

A few years ago the Big 3 search engines decided to support a rel="nofollow" attribute for the anchor tag that publishers can use to prevent external links on their website from gaining from their reputation. This kind of blocking is meant to discourage comment spammers from injecting their links onto popular websites (which enjoy a good search engine ranking) & thus resorting to Spamdexing.

There is no rel="dofollow" attribute defined as such and any blog or website that does not enforce rel="nofollow" attribute on external links posted on it can be considered a "dofollow" site.

One way to identify such a website is by using the Nofollow bookmarklet created by John Mueller, a Googler. You can drag and drop the Nofollow bookmarklet on this page to your bookmarks bar and then hit it whenever you want to see links with the rel=nofollow property on any web page. This bookmarklet inserts a tiny bit of CSS into the top of the page you're currently viewing to highlight nofollow links. If the links within the comments on that page are not highlighted, its possible that the site allows its "link juice" to flow.

The bookmarklet works in Firefox, Opera, Safari & Chrome but not IE8. Following up on the error message "Unexpected call to method or property access" emitted in IE8 led me to a thread on StackOverflow. I have adapted the original bookmarklet code based on a resolution mentioned there to make it work in IE8 as well. Here's the modified code -

javascript:function highlightNofollow()
	var newStyle=document.createElement('style');
	var styleText='a[rel~=nofollow]{border:1px%20dashed%20#852!%20important;background-color:#fcc!%20important;}';

You can get the modified bookmarklet for IE8 from here.

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Posted Feb 20 2013 01:53 PM

That's clear that do follow and no follow just represented to the page rank follow method.But some are showing as rel="follow",rel="me" and rel="external".What the meaning of those.I found those multiple times in some directory,classified ads and question answer site
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Posted Feb 27 2013 10:06 PM

Well said. You can also check nofollow links by using these method.