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How Your Facebook Profile Can Help You Get a Job

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Posted Jul 13 2010 02:33 PM

If you're looking for work this excerpt from Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual will show you how to improve your Facebook profile to help you land the job.
If you're serious about making Facebook part of your job hunt, the first thing to do is assume that every potential hiring manager can see your whole profile, and build (or clean up) your profile accordingly. You don't want your dream job to slip through your fingers because of a stupid comment, a way-too-candid photo, or membership in a group that celebrates illegal activities, for example. Maybe you mean it all as a joke, but that doesn't matter: If you have an unprofessional profile, a hiring manager will take one look at it and see, at the very least, poor judgment and a total lack of understanding of how the Web works.

Note: While Facebook gives you several ways to hide profile info, you can't trust that the information will stay hidden.

Here are some ways to spiff up your profile to help you land a job:

Edit your Profile info. At the top of any Facebook page, click Profile, and then click the Info tab near the top of the screen. Fill out the Education and Work sections completely, using all the industry buzzwords you can in the Description field. Also, describe your job-related skills in the Activities and Interests section. Because these fields are easy for potential employers to search, pack them with descriptions of your technical abilities and interpersonal skills.

Do work-related stuff on Facebook. Post regular, impressive notes that relate to your current job or job-related interests; start work-related groups; hold work-related events; upload samples of your work such as reports, slideshows, video or audio clips, photos, or applications you've written; and befriend as many industry movers and shakers as you can.

Present yourself professionally. Keep the silly astrology and zombie applications to a minimum, choose your friends carefully, and don't write anything on anybody's wall that you wouldn't feel comfortable writing on a whiteboard at work.

Don't assume that potential employers won't be able to access your networks or profile. In all probability, they can and will.

Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual

Learn more about this topic from Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual.

Facebook isn't just for college kids anymore. Thousands of companies use the site for everything from project collaboration and advertising to filling--and finding--jobs. This Mini Missing Manual is aimed at professionals who want to use Facebook to help them in the work world. Whether you're looking for a gig or want to boost your company's sales, you'll find useful tips you can apply today.

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