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How California uses social software

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Posted Jul 14 2010 01:16 PM

During a recent interview, California CIO Teri Takai told me how her state is putting social media to work in innovative ways. Here's a couple of examples:

YouTube -- Takai: "A lot of our internal and external communications are now on the California government channel of YouTube. An interesting example is the our Department of Motor Vehicles. What they did was to take training videos that they had used in the offices and put them on a California DMV channel on YouTube."

Twitter -- Takai: "Another great example of the way we're using the social media tools to move toward Gov 2.0 is Governor Schwarzenegger's use of Twitter. An individual in the state who had never experienced unemployment didn't really know what services were available from the state. Rather than getting on and using our website, or doing a search, she just sent a Twitter message to the Governor explaining the situation. Then the Governor immediately put her in touch with our constituent services group. They let her know what was available to her. That kind of personalized interaction is what we're starting to see as a complement to our online services."

For more on this count, Carolyn Lawson, Director of eServices for the Office of the CIO, talked with me at the Gov 2.0 Expo about "doing more with much less" and delivering better e-services over the Internet in California.

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