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Another reason to build apps in HTML, CSS and JavaScript: Testing

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Posted Jul 28 2010 04:59 AM

In a past interview with Jonathan Stark, author of "Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS and Javascript," he noted that cross-platform availability and broad distribution are two reasons why HTML/CSS/Javascript development is worth pursuing. During a recent interview at OSCON, Stark brought up another important selling point: testing.

"If you have an application you want to test with hundreds or maybe thousands of users, it's pretty difficult to do, at least in the Apple model," Stark said. "You have a very limited number of people you can have beta test an app."

That's a good point. The cycle of release-analyze-iterate is time honored in the software world, yet the dominant mobile application platform slows that process down considerably. HTML/CSS/Javascript development introduces (or reintroduces) a measure of agility.

Stark touched on a number of related points during our chat, including:

  • What PhoneGap is and what it allows a mobile developer to do.
  • Why he loves the idea of Google's App Inventor, but finds the lack of source-code access problematic.
  • Why broad adoption of WebKit makes mobile web browsers a smart development choice.

The full video is below:


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