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How to tether your wifi-only iPad to your Android phone

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Posted Aug 02 2010 06:23 AM

I got the wifi-only iPad the week it came out, both because I didn't want to wait for the 3G version and, more importantly, because I didn't think I'd need it (and didn't want another monthly data fee). For the most part, I usually find myself in close enough range to a wireless access point to make the lack of a data plan on the device a nonissue. Still, I have obviously encountered a few situations in which 3G access would have come in handy. Not settling for the limitations of the wireless-only iPad, here's how I enabled it with 3G access via my Android phone.

Though the instructions for actually tethering the device to an Android phone in this tutorial are not device-specific (and are not dangerous), the links and videos for rooting the device are specific to the HTC G1. The rooting process varies significantly from device to device, so do not use these rooting instructions for any device other than the G1 or HTC Dream. If you don't have one of these handsets, Google can provide you with rooting instructions for your particular device. But in both cases, be warned that a) rooting is complicated and could brick your phone if performed incorrectly, and b) it will definitely void your warranty.

First, you'll need to gain root access to your phone. I followed this detailed tutorial provided by TheUnlockr. Then, choose a custom ROM to replace whatever your device was currently running (my G1 was running Android 1.6). For this process, TheUnlockr provides another exceptional tutorial, which links to a great selection of custom ROMs designed specifically to run on the G1. I went with Chromatic 4.1.1 (based on "Froyo," Android 2.2):

Froyo on G1

Depending on the custom ROM you've chosen, you might already have the android-wifi-tether app installed along with the ROM (it came with mine, but was missing on a ROM I installed on a different rooted phone). If not, head over to the Google Code page or grab it from the Android Market with this QR code:

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Before going any further, please note the disclaimer/warning provided on the Google Code page:


Use this application at your own risk. It is possible that use of this program may violate your carrier's Terms of Service.

To get started, first select the app from your phone:

Attached Image

Then, just press the center of the screen to begin the tethering process:

Attached Image

Next, on your iPad, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi, Choose a Network... and select AndroidTether from the list of options:

Attached Image

From within the android-wifi-tether app on your phone, choose Menu -> Access Control:

Attached Image

Press Enable to allow devices to access your phone's data connection via wifi:

Attached Image

You'll get a Superuser Request that tells you a device is trying to connect to your phone. Press Allow:

Attached Image

You should see the name of your iPad, along with its MAC address and IP address. Check the box to enable access, and then press Apply:

Attached Image

Now, you're all tethered up:

This Changes Everything

You can now surf the Web with your iPad anywhere your phone can establish a data connection.

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Posted Aug 25 2013 02:52 PM

Hi Brian,

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