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Looking for replacement for CouchDB that has REST / JSON API and good query support

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Posted Aug 03 2010 10:33 PM

I do interactive visualizations of big data sets. I started using CouchDB because I liked the REST/ JSON API. It kind of works but I found out that CouchDB does not support interactive queries very well (the views have to be build which takes a lot of time and can not be modified easily). I also found a few references on the web that the performance might not be very good which is also a problem I am facing (I mean it could be faster).

I want to keep the REST/ JSON API but move on to another data store. Currently I see MongoDB and PostgreSQL as good candidates. For PostgreSQL I would need some middle ware components in order to provide the RESTful webservice. Currently I am experimenting with restish and psycopg2 which is fun. Maybe somebody has come down this road before me and is willing to share some thoughts?

I do not want to start a fighting. If you are happy with CouchDB this is perfectly fine for me. I think CouchDB is brilliant and there are lots of applications for it.

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Posted Dec 10 2010 09:41 PM

MongoLab is doing an elegant job of putting a RESTful facade on top of MongoDB.

The API is clean and lightweight, and of course with MongoDB interactive / ad-hoc queries are not a problem.

MongoLab is in private Beta as of this writing, and looking for good feedback from real users.
Check them out: mongolab.com

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Posted Jan 07 2011 10:57 AM

I'm actively working with Ryan Grimm on a JSON REST API with excellent query support on top of MarkLogic, a high performance document database. If you're interested in beta-testing, drop us a line. You can find some of the code at http://github.com/isubiker/mljson - it's not ready for prime-time yet, though.