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How to Subscribe to a Newspaper or Magazine on the Kindle

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Posted Aug 08 2010 09:01 PM

The following excerpt is from Kindle: The Mini Missing Manual. It explains how to get newspapers and magazines straight to your Kindle from the online store.
From your Kindle, go to the Kindle store by pressing Menu and selecting Shop in Kindle Store. This takes you to the main page you see in Figure 2-1. From there, select either newspapers or magazines, depending on what you want to start reading.

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At this writing, the Kindle store has over 130 newspapers (more than 70 from the US, with the rest international) and over 60 magazine titles. This isn’t an exhaustive collection of periodicals, so you probably won’t find Basketweaving Enthusiast in the Kindle store. Still, many popular titles are available, so you’ll probably find something you like. Figure 2-9 shows the top selling US newspapers at the time of this writing.

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The store page for a periodical is a bit like the store page for a book (Figure 2-10). You’ll notice that you can read other people’s reviews and add a newspaper or magazine to your Wish List. The most striking thing is the subscribe button for two reasons. First, it’s freaking huge. Second, it offers you a free 14-day trial. Every periodical comes with this free, two-week trial period. If you decide within the limits of the trial that you don’t like a subscription, you can cancel it easily. (Keep reading to learn how.)

Tip: If you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy just a single issue. Notice, for example, in Figure 2-10 that a single issue of the New York Times will cost you less than a buck.

If you want to try out a newspaper, but you’re afraid you’ll forget to cancel your free trial, buying just one issue is a great, low cost way to check it out.

If you want to sign up for a periodical from the Amazon website instead of from your Kindle, it basically works the same as buying a Kindle book. Just follow the directions in Shopping from a Web Browser found earlier in this chapter.

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Kindle: The Mini Missing Manual

Learn more about this topic from Kindle: The Mini Missing Manual.

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Posted Oct 10 2012 03:19 AM

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