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CS5 Photoshop Control-Click hotkey

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Posted Aug 12 2010 11:48 AM

In CS5, the hotkey [ctrl-click] is pulling up a laundry list of layers around the area I am clicking in.
I really just want the ONE layer that i am directly clicking on... not 25 layer options.
I didn't realize how much i heavily used that hotkey, but now with out it Im having to shift through my layers box, and loosing a lot of time!

Can I change this to how it was on CS4, when it only pulled up the one to two layers that you were directly clicking on?


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Posted May 05 2011 08:04 AM

I was having this same problem after installing CS5! The answer is, its a bug. Adobe has released at least one update for Photoshop since the release of CS5, and this issue is now fixed. All you gotta do is run the updater and install updates!