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How to recover Excel file if not saved?

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Posted Feb 16 2014 09:06 AM

The situation is - an accountant in an Excel file deleted data and save the changes. Tell me how to restore the old data? And in general it possible?

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Posted Feb 17 2014 10:38 PM

Try to take a look at the "Backups Excel file" that saved by the MS Excel program. Go and open the Excel, then find "Tools">> "Option">>"Conventional and conservation" to check where the autosave excel file were saved. Then go and check the folder to find your old excel. Note: The time interval of Autosave is about 1-10 minutes, and usually you can get your old excel in less 10 minutes. If not, God can't help you. In addition, if the data is really important to you, buy a professional office excel recovery software to help you restore the old data and It may take u some dollors
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Posted Feb 17 2014 10:59 PM

Have you tried some data recovery software? You can use the Google search tool in this regard. .My Mac Book Pro hard drive has crashed and I'm in the process of replacing it. However, I had a lot of important data on that hard drive that he needs recovered. Then I found this data recovery software that recovers data from corrupt/bad hard drives. And fully supported for NTFS/FAT32 mac files.