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How to Turn Off 3G on Your iPhone

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Posted Sep 09 2010 08:55 AM

Sometimes it's better to not use 3G on your iPhone. The following excerpt from iPhone: The Missing Manual, Fourth Edition gives a step by step process for doing so.
“How to Turn Off 3G?” Is this author mad? Everyone’s paying AT&T a lot more money for the privilege of getting 3G. Why on earth would you want to turn it off?

Because 3G is a power hog; it cuts your iPhone’ battery life in half. Therefore, be grateful that the iPhone even has an on/off switch for its 3G radio; that’s a luxury most 3G phone owners don’t have.

You might consider turning off 3G when, for example, you’re not in a 3G area anyway, or you’re not using the Internet. You could turn it off when you have a long work day ahead of you, and you can’t risk running out of juice halfway through the day. Or maybe you’re getting the “20% battery left” warning, and you’re many hours away from a chance to recharge.

Turning off 3G forces the iPhone to use the older, less congested AT&T network, which sometimes means you can complete a call in a crowded place where a 3G attempt would fail.

In those situations, from the Home screen, tap Settings→General→Network; where it says Enable 3G, tap to turn it Off. Now, if you want to get online, your phone will use only WiFi and the slow EDGE network.

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iPhone: The Missing Manual

Learn more about this topic from iPhone: The Missing Manual, 4th Edition.

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