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Export Outlook Contacts to vCards Manually Or Using Third Party Tool

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Posted Feb 20 2014 11:33 PM

When it comes to export of Outlook contacts in vCard, Outlook does not have export option to straightly transfer all contacts of Outlook to vCard. Therefore, user has to take the help of third party tool to migrate Outlook into vCard format.

However, if user put some extra efforts then the conversion can be done manually. In this section we are going to discuss as how user can export Outlook contacts to vCards both by manual process as well as using third party tool.

Export Outlook Contacts to vCard Manually

Although, there is not direct method available in Outlook that let the user to move the contacts of Outlook in vCard format but yes, in Outlook there is an option present that let the user to forward contact information as vCard. For the doing the same process step involves are:

  • Select the contact folder of Outlook
  • Choose the contact you want to export as vCard and then forward the item
  • As soon as you will forward the item by using in-built options of Outlook
  • A message will pop up showing all selected contacts added as vCard attachments. The process will take some time depending on how many contacts you have selected
  • Right click in attached area and then choose Select All
  • Move the selected item out of Outlook into Explorer folder.

This is the manual process of moving Outlook contacts to vCard. Just having a look on the steps involved in movement of Outlook contacts to vCard format, one can easily make it out that the person who will be involve in entire process should be technically very strong and also that the whole process kills valuable time of user.

Export Outlook Contacts to vCard Using External Tool

Third party tools available in market for the purpose of exporting Outlook contacts to vCard format has been proved as very effective and easy to operate. These tools converts’ entire contacts of Outlook in VCF format within no time and the quality of result is always assured with this MS Outlook to vCard converter program. The conversion of Outlook contacts to VCF format is just two or three step process in almost all software that is available online.

  • Install software in machine
  • Upload PST file or folder in software, follow the instructions
  • Contacts of PST converted into VCF format

So, if you find that third party tools are more effective in solving your problem then you can simply purchase the full version of tool and install it in your machine. However, the best third party available these days in market for the purpose is vCard Export. The software has been developed by a renowned developer and it is known for its performance. In addition to conversion of Outlook contacts in VCF format, software also allows the user to convert the Outlook contacts in four other formats i.e. Export as single vCard, Export as Google CSV, Export as Yahoo CSV, Export as WAB. The interface of software is also very simple and can be operated even a technically naïve person.

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Posted Feb 21 2014 02:44 AM

Thanks for publishing required tip to vCard export from Outlook. I also want to suggest another suitable vCard Import Export solution for Microsoft Outlook known as vCard magic. It is a dual functional program allows us to export Outlook contacts to vCard in bulk and also import multiple vCard into Outlook in single click. Because exporting contacts from Outlook to vCard manually is a time taking method that cannot be use when we need to import a lot of vCard contacts.

Read Further Information: http://www.vcardmagic.com/