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How to Get Certification in Information Security Management (CISM)?

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Posted Mar 19 2014 11:48 PM

With increasing security breaches in the corporate world, the demand of professionals in the field of security management is growing exponentially. Trained professionals from IT industry and from the field of security management are aspiring to get CISM certification to give their career a brighter horizon. CISM or Certification in Information Security Management is a professional certification exam, ideal for professionals with some prior experience in IT or security management department. Information Systems Audit and Control Association also known as ISACA conducts a four hour exam to provide certification to ideal candidates with adequate knowledge about information security management. CISM exam concentrates on the understanding of details involved with Information Security Management and prepare candidates for efficiently assessing, managing, and designing of information security of an organization.

The CISM Training Curriculum

ISACA ensure that CISM exam covers all the aspects related to Information Security Management and defines the knowledge required to efficiently address all information security related complications. Exam comprises of 200 multiple choice questions covering vast range of subjects including

• Information Security Program Management
• Incident Management and Response
• Information Risk Management
• Security Program Development
• Information Security Governance

Where to Get CISM Training

At www.cism-training.com they offer an effective training for those who preparing to take Certification in Information Security Management exam. Their experienced team and subject matter experts are fully capable of helping candidates attain the right approach needed to pass this exam.

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