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Google Labs Tools For Web Developers

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Posted Dec 30 2010 04:19 PM

Google Labs has lots of great tools. Below are the ones that could be useful to Web developers. Note: This list does not include Graduated services (those that are now a part of mainstream Google); it is intended to reveal less-known Labs tools.

Browser Size (link)
Overlays a chart onto your Website showing what percentage of your viewers will be able to see what.

Web Application Exploits and Defenses (link)
Safely experiment with web vulnerabilities, and how to fix them.

Google Related LInks (link)
See Websites related to yours.

Google Checkout Store (link)
Easily create online stores with Google checkout and a spreadsheet.

Fetch as Googlebot (link)
See your page through the eyes of Google's crawler.

Chrome Experiments (link)
View cool JS experiments. Great for inspiration.

Google Code Search (link)
Powerful regex searches through mountains of open source code.

Google Moderator (link)
Lets people suggest things and vote on other people's suggestions. Useful for feature requests and bug reports.

Google Code Labs (link)
Tons of great APIs for interacting with lots of Web services, from social networking to Ads to CAPTCHAs.


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Posted Jan 02 2011 03:01 AM

The "Browser Size" -overlay is very helpfull for me as a webdesigner. In the past i used tools like website heatmap. The Chromeexperiments are a great idea but not for business-websites. i think it's just a nice gimmick. Google Gravity is too funny!