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What are my options when choosing a JavaScript framework?

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Posted Sep 21 2009 02:11 PM

I'd like to start taking advantage of some of the newer Javascript frameworks out there, what are my best options?

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Posted Oct 28 2009 11:57 AM

The following won't help you much to make a choice, because it's just a plain list of options--but at least it will help you see some of the most popular options. I copied this list right from Chapter 19 of Learning PHP, MySQL, and Javascript by Robin Nixon.

ASP.NET Ajax Framework, http://asp.net/ajax/

Clean Ajax, http://sourceforge.n...ects/clean-ajax

Dojo Toolkit, http://dojotoolkit.org

jQuery, http://jquery.com

MochiKit, http://mochikit.com

MooTools, http://mootools.net

OpenJS, http://openjs.com

Prototype, http://prototypejs.org

Rialto, http://rialto.improv...logies.com/wiki

script.aculo.us, http://script.aculo.us

Spry Framework, http://labs.adobe.co...chnologies/spry

YUI, http://developer.yahoo.com/yui

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