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3 iPad apps you probably haven't heard of, but are worth checking out

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Posted Jan 31 2011 06:01 AM

"Best iPad Apps" author Pete Meyers spent the last few months finding, downloading and testing all sorts of iPad apps. During a recent interview, he revealed three lesser-known apps that deserve a closer look.


Pete's review: "It helps you discover new music, mainly indie artists. An addictive and simple visual browsing interface makes it a snap to swipe through, sample, and listen to lots of bands. Each song also comes with built-in, lyric subtitles so you can understand what the heck these people are singing about."

Strange Rain

Pete's review: "This is a weird app, but it's so original. It takes the fireworks-sculpting concept and implements it with rain drops rather than colored particles. It throws in a dose of Brian Eno-style ambient music and tries to shoehorn a story into the production. For anyone interested in what 'born digital' entertainment will look like in the years ahead, this one's a must-have."


Pete's review: "It should be called 'Sound — where did the last hour of my life go? — drop.' This music-making tool is built and ready for non musicians. It looks like a game of Pong. You position line segments around the screen and then unleash a drip drop of small sound-generating pellets on whatever lines you've arranged. Each line can produce a different tone — xylophone, guitar, piano, and so on. The distance the dropping pellets travel controls their pitch."

Best iPad Apps

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With tens of thousands of apps available for your iPad, who knows what to download? You can try to sort through a gazillion customer reviews with a mix of 5- and 1-star ratings, but that’s a head-hurting time-waster. The stakes are getting higher, too: instead of freebies and 99-cent trinkets, the price of iPad apps is steadily creeping up and beyond their iPhone predecessors. Best iPad Apps guides you to the hidden treasures in the App Store's crowded aisles. Author Peter Meyers stress-tested thousands of options to put together this irresistible, page-turner of a catalog. Inside these pages, you'll find apps as magical as the iPad itself.

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Posted Jun 23 2013 08:06 AM

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