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How to Use Insights for your Facebook Page

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Posted Mar 07 2011 01:52 PM

To get a good handle on the data you can examine for your Facebook page, Facebook has provided its own analytics system called Insights. The following excerpt from The Facebook Marketing Book shows you how to use it.
Facebook’s native analytics platform, Insights, allows you to access detailed information about fans of your brand that is otherwise very difficult or expensive to obtain. Navigate to your Page, and you’ll see a link to the Insights Page in the left sidebar. Basic user statistics available through Insights include daily and monthly active users, daily new likes, and total likes over time (see the image below). These metrics are fairly shallow, but they’re a great way to establish and monitor trends, especially your rate of daily new likes and daily active users. Generally speaking, as long as these benchmarks are all increasing, you’re headed in the right direction. The basic interactions data will look much more variable than your user statistics. This graph shows you the likes and comments on your Page on a daily basis. The amount of content posted to your site (as well as the quality of that content) will probably vary. Your goal with this data is to maintain a baseline of activity on most days. Detailed user data provided by Page Insights includes a breakdown of your daily active users, allowing you to see what percentage of them simply visited your Page. You can then compare this with more engaged users who liked or commented on a post, or posted their own message to your Wall. For most Pages, the majority of users will be merely visitors, but you should encourage your users to perform more engaged actions.

Facebook’s Insights platform allows you to see basic or detailed information about the performance of your Pages.

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Likes and Unlikes

The detailed user data allows you to track not only the number of likes received by your Page over time, but also the number of unlikes that occurred. The number of unlikes will typically be very small compared to likes, but a large spike could indicate a problem you should investigate.

Demographic Data

On the detailed user Insights Page, you can also dig into very detailed demographics data about your users, including age, gender, location, and languages spoken (see the image below). This kind of information can be useful for informing your Facebook marketing efforts as well as your non-Facebook campaigns.

Facebook Insights gives you extensive demographic, geographic, and activity-based data about users who have liked your Pages.

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Activity and Traffic

The Activity tab of the detailed user data Page shows you where the activity on your Page occurred and the origin of the traffic. You’ll see a list of tabs alongside the number of views each received, as well as a list of external sites that drove traffic to your Facebook Page. Below those two tables, Insights shows you data on the media consumption that occurred on your site, including video and audio plays and photo views.

Feedback on Facebook Posts

On the detailed interactions Page, Facebook shows you daily story feedback information with a graph displaying likes, comments, and unsubscribes over time (see the image below). Again, you want the first two metrics increasing, and a large spike in unsubscribes should set off some alarms. Below the daily story feedback graph, there is a list of stories posted to your Page and the number of impressions each story received as well as a feedback percentage. The feedback percentage is the portion of users who interacted with a story somehow—larger is better. This chart is very useful for refining the content you post to your Page. Notice which subjects get the most views and feedback, and pay attention to the days and hours that seem to be the most popular. The Page activity graph shows the amount of activity undertaken by users on your Page, including discussion, Wall and video posts, reviews, and mentions. This graph shows the activity day to day, so it will be very bumpy.

Through Insights, you can see activity on your page on a per-post basis.

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 : Mar 08 2011 05:23 AM
FYI -- To see the "unlikes," click on the Users option in the left navigation and scroll down a bit.
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