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How to Participate in the Personal Genome Project

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Posted Sep 23 2009 01:44 PM

The Personal Genome Project is an experiment being led by Dr. George Church, the project started with ten individuals known as the PGP-10 who all donated DNA and made their genetic sequence and personal medical information public in the interest of advancing medical science. The PGP will be making genetic sequence data and anonymized medical histories available under the Creative Commons Zero License "CC0" ("CC Zero"), a license announced at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology 2009 conference.

The project's current goal is to expand the number of participants over the upcoming months and years and to encourage more people to participate in this project. They are currently in a period where enrollment is happening in phases. To sign up to participate:

If you are a Rails Developer...

...you can volunteer your time to the Personal Genome Project via this RailsBridge.org project. If donating your genetic sequence to public science isn't your thing, take some time to help the project out with your mad Ruby on Rails skillz.

For more information about the PGP

You can learn more about this project by watching this YouTube video by Marilyn Ness who is making a documentary about the project.

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