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Apache module - HTTP POST data manipulation - Error @ App server side while reading modified request

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Posted Apr 05 2011 03:02 AM

I have written an Apache(2.3) module in C which reads HTTP POST request , encrypt some of the fields and forward the request (now with encrypted data) to app server (weblogic server). The module reads the request body using bucket / brigade APIs.After encryption, i am using Apr_brigade_insert_tail API to put the brigade(with encrypted value) in the POST body. Obviously the length gets changed and hence i am changing the content-length in the header. But when modified request arrives at app server, it gives "time out" error while performing request.getparameters(). If i dont change the length in the header, app server can read the request but as expected truncates the data to the old length. Any clue ? Can anybody please help here ?

Note : it seems that even after changing the length , app server reads the old length from somewhere else. Any help will be appreciated.

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