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DocBook Video Tutorial 2 - DocBook to PDF with Xcode and XMLLINT

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Posted Apr 29 2011 03:41 AM

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Downloading DocBook Documentation
  • Writing DocBook in Xcode
  • Validating DocBook XMLs
  • Generating PDF from DocBook XMLs

To download MacPorts, go to: http://macports.org/
To install XMLLINT categories, use this Terminal command:

sudo port install docbook-xml xmlcatmgr

To validate a DocBook XML, place these commands (as demonstrated in the video) into an executable file and run by passing the name of the file to validate as an argument:

export SGML_CATALOG_FILES=/opt/local/etc/xml/catalog
xmllint --valid --noout --catalogs $fileToValidate

Questions? let me know and watch for the next videos about DocBook

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