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How to Filter Out Mail from Reply-All Abusers

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Posted Aug 03 2011 05:41 PM

If you work at a company which uses a “everyone in the company” catch-all address for internal announcements, you may occasionally receive a deluge of email due to your coworkers’ abuse of the Reply-All button.

One telltale sign of this sort of abuse is when you see that company catch-all address in the CC field of an email, and a subject which starts with “RE:”

Creating a filter for this is simple. Your exact steps will vary based on the email client you use.

Just set up the filter so that any mail which is CC’d to the company catch-all address is filtered directly into some folder other than the inbox (“internal spam” is the name of my folder).

That way, when you have a spare few minutes, you can quickly process the messages in your internal spam folder, and get back to work.

Here's an example of what my filter looks like:

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