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Upgrade to Kindle edition

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Posted Oct 05 2011 09:15 AM

I have many eBooks purchased from the O'Reilly website, so they are in multiple formats, which is good.
However, I read mostly on Kindle.
Is there a way to upgrade eBooks to Kindle or re-download them on my Kindle?


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Posted Oct 17 2011 10:43 PM


If you have the book as an EPub or PDF, you can put them straight on to your Kindle by plugging it in and dragging the file into the "documents" folder. Mobi files also work with Kindle, so try getting the book in one of these three formats.

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Posted Oct 22 2011 10:07 AM

ysoliman is correct - you can put your compatible ebooks from O'Reilly on your Kindle as he describes. You can also email them to your kindle by using the name@free.kindle.com addres that you can set up under your Amazon account. This is called the Kindle Document Service, and it will store a copy of the document in your archive as well. If you have a 3rd Generation Kindle or later that has been upgraded to the latest firmware, and the ebook you send is in a compatible format (PDF excluded), it will also keep track of your highlights and place in the book over WhisperSync.

Unfortunately, if you want an actual Kindle format book that Amazon sells, you have to buy the ebook through Amazon at full price. But if you have a recent Kindle, there's really very little difference between that and using the Kindle Document Service.