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Final Cut Pro 7 migration? FCPX to Adobe Premiere or Avid vs Edius and beyond...

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Posted Oct 13 2011 10:58 PM

Are you a video editor or manager of a Final Cut Pro post-production facility? If so what software/hardware are you migrating to? Premiere and Avid seem to be the two software choices du jour but I recently ran into the Sr. VP/GM of Grass Valley's Live Production Solutions and he of course touts Edius 6 as King. FCPX? The update supports XML & multi-users/XSAN - hmm, what to do?

Our shop continues to utilize the legacy FCP7 production suite for day-to-day editing and recently purchased and suffer through the learning curve of Adobe CS5's Premiere (it's not that bad). We will be kicking the tires of the updated FCPX very soon and hope to give the others a whirl too...

Your opinions, experiences, training and links for making the best of the post FCP-era are appreciated.

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