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Open Source! WHy Sharing?

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Posted Nov 21 2011 05:33 AM

Hey Everybody!
We’re currently studying the Consumer Marketing Master Course at the Uppsala University. We are responsible this week to hold a seminar about OPEN SOURCE and KNOWLEDGE SHARING. So we are sharing with you guys the presentation we are going to have on Thursday, and we would like you to answer a small survey and give us all the possible feedback in order to improve the content and the outline, so we might prove that Online Sharing is the BEST!
*You may find the presentation in the link. https://docs.google....zr5rv_0czzfj5gs
Please have a look at it and answer the following questions and leave your comments:

Presentation LinK:
--> Survey Link:

Thank You So Much For Sharing Your Knowledge!!!!


1- Which Color/ Background Template should have the presentation?(Please Choose 1 answer)
1. University Colors (White and Red)
2. Dark Colors (Black and White/Red Background)
3. Light Colors (i.e. Blue and White Colors)
4. Colorful (Variety)
5. Other Colors/Backgrouds (Please Specify)

2- Evaluate the content of the presentation (Please Choose 1 answer)
1. It is Easy to read and Coherent with the topic
2. Easy to read but Not Coherent
3. Coherent but Not Easy to read
4. Not easy to read and Not Coherent

3- The presentation will last around 12-15 min. How many slides is appropriate for the length? (1 Answer)
1. 6-8
2. 9-10
2. 11-12
3. 13 or more (please explain)

4- Why do you choose to answer? (You can choose More than 1 answer)
1. Because i like the topic
2. Because i know people would do the same for me
3. Because i like to help others
4. Because i believe my Knowledge can make them do a great presentation
5. Other reasons (please tell us why)

5- Please provide us with a General Feedback about the Topic and/or the Presentation


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Posted Aug 27 2012 07:01 AM

thank you for posting the questions, Stephan, appreciate it
i just wish i came across the post earlier
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Posted Sep 04 2013 11:08 PM

Thanks for the presentation that which you shared with us. Now about your questions.

1. University Colors will be fine.

2. I will say that it is easy and coherent with the topics.

3.11-12 will be fine.

4. I liked your presentation.