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DDoS school server?

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Posted Dec 02 2011 06:35 PM

I am attempting to figure out how to effectively DDoS my high school's server (the server hosting the internet connection to every computer in the school). I have LOIC and a few friends who will join me with LOIC, but I'm not so sure about the target.
The IP address of the server is-
I understand the first 4 numbers, but the :1347 at the end is confusing me. What is that? do I need it to effectively target LOIC?
NOTE- I'm doing this as a senior prank for 1 day, Please don't tell me not to do this. If you don't have any useful info, don't answer my question!

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Posted Sep 03 2013 08:33 AM

lol I am planning the same thing here is what you have to do

Hit your start menu on your schools computer, find "Run", when Run opens Type CMD press enter. When a black window opens type "IPConfig" and press enter now you should see something that says "Default Gateway" Remember the IP address there.

In CMD type Tracert and type your schools website (Example: Tracert www.MYSCHOOL.net) press enter and your schools website IP address should be at the top and should look like this: Tracing route to www.MYSCHOOL.net [IP ADDRESS HERE]
Remember the IP address

Now on your schools computer open a web browser and go to http://www.IPAddress.com and remember the IP address that the website says is yours.

Now you need a stresser LOIC will just get you in trouble but the stressers are not free I recommend the following:

The following stressers are free but they have many limitations:
www.vBooter.com - Max booting time 320 seconds.
www.IPStresser.com - Cannot use port 80, Max booting time 300 seconds

Now find a stresser you want and use your schools info like I do below:
Host: [IPAddress here]
Port: 80
Time: [How many seconds you want the attack to last]

Hope this helps.