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A Realtime Wikipedia Search Engine Created by Indian Student !

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Posted Dec 03 2011 07:12 AM

Nov 27, 2011

WikiLive.in is an interactive Realtime Wikipedia Search Engine founded by Deepanshu Mehndiratta a second year engineering student at BITS-Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus.

Wikilive helps you browse Wikipedia in a better way.

Inspiration Behind WikiLive.in
About a year ago, a Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh created a real-time search engine for YouTube videos called YouTube Instant. Besides creating a successful search service, Feross also succeeded in inspiring Deepanshu Mehndiratta to create a similar real-time live search service for Wikipedia.

How it Started?
It started of while he was doing some online research for his course related projects wherein he had to repeatedly go through wikipedia pages which was a bit cumbersome he was working on a slow internet connection and he had to wait for every page/search result to load to check if it was what he was looking for. It was then that the thought of a real-time search for Wikipedia struck him.

He started work on it there and hence the project "Wikipedia Live Search" was born. It took him just 5 hours to complete it (including the styling the UI). The basic version was soon up on his website."

"At that time I was reluctant on hosting it on a private domain as it was more of a personal project. But a friend of mine suggested to go live with it and hence http://wikilive.in was launched.", said Deepanshu.

The project was built using Java Script and Ajax, jQuery libraries.

We hope this story motivates you to take initiative to create something awesome.


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Posted Mar 20 2013 07:27 AM

You have to know a lot of programming to be able to create a Wikipedia search engine, my son loved programming in school and we all thought that he will go study at an Technical University but he was more interested in healthcare careers. Good job on creating the search engine, I checked it out and it works great.