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head first jsp and servlets

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Posted Dec 29 2011 05:36 AM


On page 383 of the second print of book, currentTip is request scoped attribute
but on page 384 pageContent.getCurrentTip() method is invoked.
It is the getter method and should access the property.
Is pageContent the attribute and currentTip its property?

Thank You SIR!

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 : Jan 10 2012 08:29 AM

I'm sorry for the confusion. I'm forwarding this question to our book technical support group (booktech@oreilly.com) so they can help.

Kind Regards,

Rachel James
O'Reilly Media
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Posted Apr 23 2012 10:34 AM


I just got a response back from one of the authors on this question:
Sorry for the very long delay... this message got buried in my person email inbox.

The code the reader mentions on pg 384 is invalid. It should read like this:

<%= request.getAttribute("currentTip") %>


I hope that helps,
Chris Olson
O'Reilly Book Support