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Which programming language should i learn for future ? Please help my career selection

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Posted Mar 31 2012 03:32 AM

Hello Oreilly.

I am going to school for computer science my college is teaching me old C language , C++ and am learning JAVA & Android app development on the side and i am good in JAVA (OOP)

What is the programming language of the future?

Do you see any languages growing, merging, and dominating others?

If so, will one language becoming more common make careers in other languages obsolete?

Should i go for Mobile apps development (Android, iOS) or Web base development (JSP ,Servlets, Javascripts, PHP)

Which is most demanding platform of future Cloud based (Windows Azure) or Open source (Linux)

I know that each Platform and Development are good and depend upon your interest , But i want to know which one will give you better Finical growth and career growth

I really want to add a Jet propulsion in my career so i can get out of my small town.

Please answer all my question.

Thank you vary much.

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 : Apr 03 2012 06:01 AM
Before you decide to go one way or another, I would encourage you to think about what really interests you the most. What do you really enjoy doing, or most importantly, what would you love spending a lot of time on (coding)?

Figure out what job you would like and what company or companies offer that job and study their job descriptions to figure out which technologies they are looking for.

An excellent book to read is: Programming Interviews Exposed: Secrets to Landing Your Next Job (friends who work at places like Microsoft and Amazon have recommended this book to me).

Some possible options:
  • Desktop applications (i.e. Windows OS applications development with VB or C# using Visual Studio, or Mac OS X Applications, with Objective C using XCode).
  • Embedded applications (i.e. software that runs on medical devices, like a Cancer scanner, this is done in C++)
  • Web Applications (i.e. you want to work for Google, you'll need Java, PHP, Python or Perl; you could also go the MS side and need ASP.NET, VBScript, C# for code behind, etc.)
  • Mobile Apps (Android -Java, iOS -Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Flex, PhoneGap)

And so on...
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Posted Jul 09 2012 03:02 AM


Before learning any programming language your OOPS concept should be very clear. Now days mostly the work is done on php development and mobile applications development. So you can choose any one according to your interest.
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Posted Jan 27 2013 11:55 AM

Now Python is the programming language that is becoming more popular, if you like mobile devices you should download a couple of tutorials from the internet and check it out. You also have to understand some basic skills in C++ so you could learn the Open source languages.
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Posted Aug 05 2013 03:44 AM

I think you should continue with Java and go ahead in Mobile apps development. To start with you can take Android Training and start doing on your own. This will groom you up to have your own skillset. Then moving forward you can get into iOS apps development.

Moreover, if you are quite good in Java, then you can also check Big Data Course which has more of technical stuffs. If you are interested in Maths and Statistical Analysis then go ahead with Big Data Analytics Course.

Hope, my answer will help you!