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Top 5 tips for the 2012 iPad

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Posted Apr 23 2012 11:29 AM

Aside from the amazing new Retina display, there are a number of improvements to the 2012 iPad that make the device a worthy upgrade. If you're considering picking one up, you'll find these top 5 tips from J.D. Biersdorfer's iPad: The Missing Manual indispensable.

1. Speak Your Thoughts. The latest iPad gives you a new way to type in documents and other text-friendly apps: byvoice. If you haven’t turned on the Dictation feature, tap Settings >General > Keyboard > Dictation. Tap the microphone icon on the keyboard when you’re ready to start converting your speech to text in Notes, Pages, Mail,or other text-ready apps. To add punctuation, just speak the name of the marks you need as you go along, as in “period,” “comma,” “question mark,” “quote,”and “new paragraph.”

2. Save Wearand Tear on the Home Button. As of iOS 5, there’s an easy way for iPad users to navigate, switch to, and closeapps: multitasking gestures. Instead of always pressing the Home button, you can use four or five fingers (your choice) on the iPad’s screen to get what you want. For example, you can close an app and return to the Home screen byplacing all the fingers of your open hand on the iPad’s screen and then drawing your digits together. You can also use those fingers to swipe up on the screen to reveal the panel of recently used apps or swipe left or right to cycle through the apps you’ve been using lately. To turn these multitasking gestures on or off, tap Settings >General > Multitasking Gestures and tap the button to On or Off.

3. Preserve Battery Power. The newest Wi-Fi +4G iPads can take advantage of the super-fast 4G LTE data networks fromAT&T and Verizon, even though they take a bite out of your battery life. But if you live in an area without 4G LTE coverage or know for a fact the LTE network isn’t available where you’re visiting, turn it off to save some juice.Just tap Settings > Cellular Data > Enable LTE > Off to ride along on the slower 3G data networks. When you get back in range of a 4G LTE network,just reverse the process to restore your zippy cellular service.

4. Fix Photos Right on the iPad. With iOS5 and later, you don’t have to settle for glowing red eyes in your photos or images that would benefit from a little cropping—and you don’t have to download any extra apps to make basic adjustments because you can do it right in thePhotos app that comes with your ‘Pad. Open the photo you want to fix and tap the Edit button at the top of the screen. You now have four tools at your disposal: Rotate, Enhance, Red-Eye, and Crop. Tap the tool you want to use toimprove the picture.

5. Choose Your alerts. Whether it’s the latest score in the ball game, new mail, or fresh headlines from your favoritenews app, the iPad’s Notifications feature can pop a message on-screen to keep you in the loop. You turn on Notifications by tapping Settings >Notifications and choosing the apps you’d like to hear from. While you’re in thisSettings area, you can also choose the style for the alerts, like small banners at the top of the screen or more prominent message boxes in the middle of thescreen. To pick your preferred style, tap the name of the app in theNotification Center list and, on the next screen, tap to select the alert style you want to see.

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Posted May 09 2012 04:10 PM

I have the new and old iPad and one thing you forgot to mention is to keep your pug-in with you at all times or have a secondary iPad. My battery life is nothing compared to the first generation as well as I need to watch it heating up all the time ("we don't ship junk" pshhhh)
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Posted May 28 2012 11:23 PM

@adfm: Thank you for the link :)
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Posted May 31 2012 03:49 AM

Thanks for information. A very good and well maintained post it is. Anyways it's a Q&A site.

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Posted Jun 29 2012 09:26 AM

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