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Mobile Payments Made Easy with PayPal Mobile Express Checkout

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Posted May 03 2012 05:50 PM

Ever wish you could easily implement mobile payments? This excerpt from Matthew A. Russell's PayPal APIs: Up and Running introduces Mobile Express Checkout as an easy way to handle mobile transactions.

Mobile Express Checkout (MEC)
Perhaps one of the most unappreciated features of Express Checkout is that it “just works” on most mobile web browsers running a recent version of Android and iOS. When used in this context, you may hear it referred to as “Mobile Express Checkout” (MEC) or “Express Checkout for Mobile.” Tweet Relevance sports a user interface that’s actually optimized for mobile clients, and the decision to implement an Express Checkout turns out to look like an especially smart decision when you realize that literally no additional work is required to deliver an Express Checkout experience that’s optimized for mobile devices. Figure 2-12 shows Tweet Relevance as served up on a mobile device and Figures 2-13 and 2-14 demonstrate the MEC user interface.

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Figure 2-12. Tweet Relevance features a user interface that’s optimized for the mobile web

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Figure 2-13. Express Checkout presents a user interface that’s optimized for the mobile web when initiating a payment flow from a mobile device, making it an ideal choice for processing payments on mobile devices

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Figure 2-14. Express Checkout’s mobile interface makes it easy to complete the transaction

All sample code for this book is available online at GitHub and is conveniently organized by chapter. Although much of the code is included in the text of this book so that it’s as instructional as possible, always reference the latest bug-fixed code on GitHub as the definitive reference for sample code. Bug tickets and patches are welcome!

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