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Lost child custody because father LIED......PLEASE HELP!

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Posted Aug 01 2012 05:48 PM

So here's the story......My son is three years old.....When he was 6 months old the father asked us to move to where he was and for us to get married. When i arrived he lied, ultimately leaving me homeless forcing me to give him our son. I was trying to get back on my feet while he delt with CPS cases and ruining my sons future......Lying to me one day, he moved to california..(TO COMPTON!)....but i followed him and my son. After a few months of me and trying to get back on my feet again...HE MOVED AGAIN!.....this time i stayed in california bc i felt that was the best place to raise my child....while im having to go back and forth for visits......When he got back to INDIANA he filed for child custody.....i wasn't there so they granted it to him and charged me with child support....and i didn't even know this was happening to me...he lied AGAIN!......Now he wont let me have any rights and says he'll never let him live with me while going to school.....hes such a horrible parent, yelling at the kids all the time and being a narcissistic drunk.....im trying to do everything to get my son back...but he wrote this affidavit saying how i was traveling from state to state and homeless and that back when we were supposed to get married that it was really me calling him and telling him i couldn't take care of my son...then he said he sent me $700 to come down there!....all lies....and saying that ive never had any overnight stays with my son and i come over at all hours with no regard as to him and the house.....ALL LIES!!......and now the Legal Aid is working on his case and that means i cant use them....i have no lawyer!!......along with this im struggling to make ends met bc im having to go back and forth the country.......and he says after court in a couple weeks that hes moving AGAIN....which is fine bc i want to get back west bc now hes says if i don't get a place and a job that hes not gonna give me any chance in court!......which would be awesome to get a place....but what to waste my money bc were moving in 2 weeks anywhere...im so fed up with this....im losing my son and i don't know what to do.....now im so scared that the judge is gonna look at me like a silly little girl and it will be even worse!.....we have a great life in california...we live at a nice house with lots of family around.....but i dont know how to make this go away...how can i prove hes the one been in the wrong!?...isn't me not knowing about the first court date mean he frauded the courts??.....and he frauded the courts bc he lied on the affidavit.......how does joint custody work with child support???.......how can i win my son back?....if court goes bad im gonna have to kidnap my son....its something i don't want to to but i have to protect him from his monster father....im a activist and don't normally have a tax paying job....how can i prove to the judge im working?......and ofcourse ive talked to a lawyer but i cant talked to them enough to undersand everything since im gonna be representing myself in court...i need all the infomation that i can get.....HOW CAN I GET MY SON BACK!?!?....................PLEASE HELP!!!

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Posted Aug 07 2012 07:53 AM

I am very sorry about your story, and truthfully hope you can get help. O'Reilly Answers is an online community that serves as a technical forum for people who work with computers and related technologies to discuss such matters, so I don't know why you are using this site to ask for help.

Perhaps you confused the site with something else?
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Posted Sep 22 2013 12:37 AM

I entered lost custody because father lied and it also brought me here... She is scared and desperate that is why she is here, and that is why I am here...I feel for her because I too am going through the same thing...Maybe someone will read this that can help, frankly I would ask the owl at the top of the page for help because I too am desperate for any kind of information to help me get my child back...