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Solis State Scratch Disk for Adobe animations

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Posted Sep 02 2012 02:47 PM

I'm making up for 25 years away from my computer background. I'm using Photoshop and many other Adobe programs on Adobe Creative Cloud. I need to go back and read how my dual boot (windows 7 Pro OS and ubuntu) is going to relate to the RAM needed. On p. 33 of Photoshop CS 6 Missing Manual, Leda Snider speaks of the need for a SSD scratch disk if I'm actually going to maintain our site with animated imagery. I plan to. Where can I read up on what I'll need to know to choose, and to decide when I actually need the scratch drive.

I've only met Adobe with its Creative Cloud, so I'm having to learn a lot. I did everything on our website with html until I retired. Now, that won't do. jeannie

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