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What Tools Should I Use When Using JavaScript to Build Mobile Apps?

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Posted Sep 14 2012 02:02 PM

Adrian Kosmaczewski, author of Mobile Javascript Application Development, offers five quick tips for you to use today.

Use Sencha Touch 2 only if your mobile application targets Android or iOS devices.

]Query Mobile is best when solutions have to work in a larger array of mobile platforms.

PhoneGap can be described as two things: a wrapper and a bridge. It wraps your application to be sold on a mobile App Store, and it bridges functionality from Javascript to the hosting native platform.

HTML5 can be used to create mobile applications without any frameworks.

Use Jasmine for testing your Javascript code (and Siesta if you are using Sencha Touch 2).

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 : Oct 11 2013 02:30 AM
Here are some Javascript frameworks to help mobile app developers.