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My Adobe flash player is screwed up?

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Posted Oct 14 2012 10:54 PM

A week ago I posted a question saying that my adobe flash player was screwed up and it still said that I owned it and then it started working again andthen a couple of minutes ago all of my tabs just closed down and when I went back on my stuff I was looking at it said that I had to install the newest adobe flashplayer (11.4) and I am positive I have it.
So any solutions???
I highly appreciate it.

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Posted Oct 15 2012 07:39 AM

You might try uninstalling Flash Player and then reinstalling it. That could help whatever applications aren't recognizing it to see the new one.

Another possibility is that the application that's trying to use Flash has bad error messaging. Sometimes when a new version of Flash Player is released, you'll see an error that you need to update, but it's actually that the application doesn't recognize the new version (They may have code that says something like, "if version doesn't equal 10, prompt user to update."). So, if it's just one site or application that's telling you that you need to update, that could be the problem.