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Apple lost my cloud!

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Posted Oct 19 2012 08:57 AM

Apple has lost all info in my iCloud!

After doing an ios upgrade to ios6 the iphone4 ''froze' and needed to be restore.Once restored i did a quick sync with icloud in order to get back all my contacts,agenda and most specifically some precious photos of my new born child. To my surprise 58 picture come back, out of more than 1000.No contact,agenda blank. I had 4.7GB backed up.
Apple acknowledges that it's unacceptable that they lost the data stored in icloud but can't seem to restore it! It is unacceptable but i guess i am now on my own to try to restore everything with my iphone.
I tried using wonderhsare Dr fone to restore the photos in my iphone4 but it doesn't work.....i would like scanning it the same way you can scan a hard disk of a computer but can 't map the iphone as a drive(at least not now since it's now Jailbroken yet).
I'm so frustrated they lost my icloud backup and i am sure the restore operation done didn't completely wiped out the data in my phone.

Anyone has an idea what could i do to restore my precious photos in my iphone?


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