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i cannot find the folder with album artwork that i had to manually download and copy from the internet. where did itunes hide it?

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Posted Oct 29 2012 07:55 PM

there were many albums i loaded from my personal cd collection onto my computer's itunes library that itunes could not automatically find the album artwork for. so, i went to the internet and downloaded each album artwork piece as i needed it and then downloaded into the itunes album in my library so that now, all albums have artwork. i had all these manually downloaded artworks saved in a file in my itunes folder called: Album artwork. The artwork is still showing up when i player albums in itunes so i know the artwork is still somewhere hidden in my computer but i cannot now go to a folder and look at all the album artwork i saved from the internet. itunes seems to have hidden it from me so i cannot access it. problem is, when i find another album that itunes cannot get the artwork for me for or loads the wrong artwork and i want to download the artwork and save it from the internet, where will i save it to on my computer and how will i know it won't get hidden by itunes in the future too?

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