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Buy chineses editions (translations) as ebooks?

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Posted Oct 30 2012 12:49 AM


As I understand it a lot of the books OReilly publish are available in Chinese translations.
Since I am a long time subscriber to safari online and a avid ebook reader when I wanted to pickup some books for my girlfriend who speaks Chinese my first option was to peruse the ebook store here where I found nothing. Then I went to the Chinese site (oreilly.com.cn) without success, and finally I tried to Google it which seems to provide mainly references to what I assume is pirated books.

Is it really impossible to buy Chinese editions as ebooks or am I just really bad at Googling?

// Michael Medin

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Posted Jan 17 2014 03:28 AM

I bought Chinese edition eBooks a couple of months ago from a specialized website, I also saw a very good offer on Jimmy Jazz shoes and made an on-line order. I also tried to download from oreilly.com.cn but without success, you have to search on Google for "e-book china" and you will surely find out what you are looking for.
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Posted Feb 27 2014 04:09 PM

There are a lot of websites that sell Chinese editions as ebooks, I guess you searched on Google.com but for better results you should try Google.cn. Same thing happened to me when I was searching for cool bullet belts for my son, my sister told me about a great website where I could find such products but Google could not find it. I am from Hungary and I had to switch from Google.hu to Google.com.