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Need to know how to make an Ardino position controler for a lineria actuator

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Posted Oct 31 2012 04:04 PM

I would like to know how to use an Arduino to make a Lineria Actuator stop at seven specific locations. The actuator will be attached to a board which in turn is attached to ball bearing drawer slide. I want to be able to use a computer to define the points where the actuator will stop. I need to be able to select the point I want the Actuator to stop. I have no clue where to start. I have assembled electronic kits in those cases I was working from someone's plan. Here I don't know where or how to begin, so can someone help me get started with my project?

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Posted Nov 17 2012 05:05 PM

So I found this little gem on sparkfun and I think it solves your problem completely so all you would need to do is hook one of these up to an arduino to control it and get feedback on its position all in one unit.