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.dwt issue need to use body tag, not an editable item

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Posted Nov 04 2012 02:11 PM

Hi, I'm new here, just learning CSS from the Missing Manual. I'm trying to highlight the navagation menu item when landing
on a specific menu page. I'm using the process outlined page 263 - 264 of the CSS manual. My problem is that the nav. menu is part
of my master .dwt file and in that file the body tag can not be editable. The book says I need to identify the section the page belongs to and the section each link points to. In order to do this you place an ID in the body tag identfying the page.

With the .dwt file operating, the body tag is protected and I can not place an ID in it to identify the tag. How else might I identify
the page so this process will work? Is there some way to place the page identifier in an editable region?

Thanks for your help.


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