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Fast App Development Using a Builder Software

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Posted Dec 03 2012 02:34 PM

In today's competitive world, committing to provide value at a reasonable cost, is a top priority. When it comes to building mobile apps, starting form scratch is probably the longest path that you and your organization can choose. As an alternative, you can can build your applications using software that provides generic capability and all what is left for you is to add your content, and your brand. The end result is a huge saving in time, money, and design iterations. Using an online mobile application builder is a great alternative to get the job done quickly. This type of program will save you the expense of hiring a developers. Typically, online app builders take all of the programming aspects out of the equation so you can build a successful applications even when you have a limited or zero technical knowledge.

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It is becoming more common to build web-based apps to sell products and services. Web applications are cheaper, can be used across multiple platforms, they are much easier to maintain and update, and they does not require any kind ofapproval from any third parties like Apple AppStore, Google Play, etc.

Some interesting facts around building mobile applications using a builder software are:

    Updates and in general, any revision to your app occur in instantly. Similarly to your desktop web site, updates are immediately available to your audience. Whether you host your own app or use an app builder service, you are in complete control of what and when you can update your app.

    Web applications can be developed for a fraction of the cost of any native app. If you already have a website, the main challenge is to figure out the best way to convert your existing desktop content into a mobile website or application. In some cases you might be able to reuse most of your web infrastructure and perhaps some of the front-end components when converting from a desktop website to a mobile app. Unlike, when moving your content from your web site to a native application, you will have to rethink everything. Even if the look and feel of your app might be similar, the fact that a native application must be installed, and it can be accessed offline, will require from you to do significant changes to the site architecture.

    When using a mobile application builder software you will get almost immediate feedback. This will allow you to add changes to your app very quickly before you even do a major release.

Thank to builder software, mobile web applications are now easier to build and maintain. It is very common that a builder software will allow you to generate applications in less than an hour. A traditional app development process might include several phases that goes from requirement gathering, user interface design and wireframe, several round of design iterations and reviews, technical prototype, alpha and beta release, and after a lot of hours --weeks, or even months, the launch of your app. All of this can be easily optimized when you choose to build your app using a centralized software. Websites such as appcropolis.com also provide free and paid examples of mobile application that you can download and use when building your mobile apps.

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Posted Mar 05 2013 05:31 AM

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