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Windows VPN - Secure Your Windows With The Help OF VPN

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Posted Dec 11 2012 05:17 AM

Virtual Private Network dawns this important task of shielding your identity from the unwanted users over the web on your most widely used operating systems.

Specifically, opting for windows VPN windows is a common practice among the users considering the voluminous advantages it owes. Not surprisingly, approaching a VPN vendor to provide you with an account for your Windows OS would always be among your smartest decisions.

Let us know some more in this context and try to find out how you can use its facility on varied Windows versions to assure secrecy over the web.

Advantages of Windows VPNWindows VPN

There are many more merits of using VPN for windows than you can imagine, some of the most prominent ones are given here:
Cost advantage

With the help of VPN on Windows, you can connect with your peers located elsewhere in the world without paying any extra cost.

You don’t even require any extra hardware, ISDN adapters and modems installed with your ISP take care of that
Support for Network Protocol

Windows support the most widely used networking protocols such as IPX and TCP/IP, which allows you to run any of the applications from a remote location.
Availability of VPN Protocols

With windows VPN, you need not to install additional plug in to support PPTP and L2TP, they are available as a built-in feature in the operating system. You can simple connect to your VPN with the help of any of these protocols and go on to access the internet in anonymity.

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Exceptional Security

You can be rest assured of security over Windows while using a VPN. All the latest versions of the OS are laced with new encryption and authentication protocols that only adds strength to its security level.
Protected IP Addresses

There is no way out through which any hacker or a third party user is able to track your original IP address, thanks to the mechanism of VPN. All the other user would see is your masked IP address which ultimately protects your identity over the internet.

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