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My posts on other facebook Pages are invisible to all visitors except me

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Posted Dec 12 2012 10:53 AM

When I post as personal facebook user on other companies and fan Pages under “Recent Posts by Others”, only I can see my post. All other visitors (whether log in or not) can’t see it. But when I make comment in reply to any posts on those Pages or post under their "Recommendation" section, my post is visible to all visitors. Those Page owners have confirmed they don’t set any restrictions on any users posting on their Pages and have settings at maximum capacity to the public. They don’t require anyone to LIKE their Pages, be friends or fans.

My sister & brother post at the same Pages with their fb accounts (opened last year) and public can see their posts (whether log in or not). But when my mother posts at the same Pages, she has the same problem as mine (both our fb accounts opened this Dec). All our accounts, privacy & security settings are the same & we are not friends, fans or LIKE the Pages. We post from the same PC.

Could it be fb impose restrictions on new accounts, or there may be some corrupted values in FB database affecting mainly new accounts?

I can’t get any advice from fb and desperately looking for solution. Could you advise? Thanks.

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Posted Dec 19 2012 03:12 PM

Hi Eliza,
I have virtually the identical problem, I can post to another page and it shows on my login but no one elses. I can post as a comment to someone elses post and that is fine. Have you tried that?

We have three FB accounts in the family plus a new one I set up just to check but the result is the same, you can only see a new post when using the login that was in use when it was posted. I've also tried posting from my 3G smartphone with the same result so that rules out any security settings on my computer as well.

Have you had any luck solving the problem?
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Posted Jan 08 2013 06:45 AM


I have taken some time to observe if the issue will resolve by itself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Yes, there is no such problem if I post under “comments” or “reply” to someone else post.

What puzzles me is this problem comes and goes. For example, I posted one day to a Page and had the problem mentioned. I removed it and re-posted 6 hours later and it showed up to public successfully. But when I posted another one the next second, the same problem returned for the last post. I re-posted a day later and that was ok. Nevertheless, the problem recurs every now and then.

I feel that this somehow has to do with the FB account opened in different period of time. I opened last Nov. My family members who opened more than a year ago don’t have such issue. Probably FB have some new settings affect only the new account holders – to restrict the amount of post. Maybe I have to post 2 times in different timing of the day in order for the 2nd one to show up to public. I am still trying to figure out the solution. So far bad luck!
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Posted Mar 27 2013 02:04 PM

The same problem has occurred for me about 1 week ago, and the problem still continues. I have had my Facebook profile since 2008 and have now sent a complaint to FB, but they don't respond individually.