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how to claim free book give away coupon

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Posted Dec 19 2012 05:19 PM

in some activity I won and received an email attached with pdf "OReilly Free Book Give Away Coupon". Its from authentic source. But I don't know how to claim it. Tried to ask with sender, but couldn't listen back.

Content of this says and seems very generic no where mentioned book name:

"Congratulation! You get a free ebook. Visit Oreilly to register it."

But I am not seeing any code or book name. How to get it, kindly suggest.

Attaching the coupon also.

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Posted Jan 04 2013 09:24 AM

Hi Paveen,

You can request your free ebook at oreilly.com/go/ebookrequest. The coupons usually have a URL near the bottom letting you know where to go to request the ebook.

Kind Regards,

Rachel James
O'Reilly Media